Curious Kittybus, hand-pulled screen print


Curious as a cat? Sure, but how much more curious if that cat happens to also be a bus? They sure do have a lot more legs for getting themselves into trouble. Speaking of trouble, it looks like our favorite fishy friend is in a bit of a pickle... pickle jar, that is!

11" x 8.5", unframed

Signed and numbered

2-color hand-pulled screen print, on French Paper, Pop-Tone, Whip Cream, 100lb cover weight.

About screen prints

These are not digital / computer prints. They are printed by hand, using traditional silkscreen inks, techniques and methods.

As with any hand-printed silkscreen, each is a little bit unique in it's own way.

Framing guide

This hand-pulled screen print is a standard 8.5"x11" size, for which you can easily find frames at your favorite local and online shops.