Lazy Tamago Sushi


This Lazy Tamago Sushi loves to do nothing more than to lay down with an egg-cellent book and a seaweed blanket on a Sunday afternoon. 

Lazy Tamago Sushi is lovingly needle-felted by hand, has itty-bitty glass eyes, rosy cheeks, and delightful little smile. They also come with a small bamboo display stand to rest on.

They're egg-tra excited to find a nice, cozy spot in your home, office or sushi bar!

4" x 2" x 2"

Please note: Our needle-felted sculptures are made individually by hand, so each one is unique and small details or colors may vary slightly. 

Felt art care guide

Needle-felted art is fragile, and should be handled gently. If you tear and pull at pieces of the art, they tend to fall apart.

We recommend displaying your art, and not handling them like a toy or plushie.